Update by user Jan 26, 2016

I've been contacted by the AtomPark company regarding this report (As, I've mentioned above in my 1st update). And they agreed to revert back my commission and all the things that they have said, I complied with them and followed their guidelines.

But they set the condition to first REMOVE this report. After hearing this I had strange feeling, and was smelling something not good behind the bars. And they just proved that my strangeness was true! Let me add into this.

After getting this "condition" even I contacted this site regarding the removal process. And I was amazed to see that the guys behind this site is truly genius, and YES they were right.

Now today I received again an email from Avangate regarding the commission change. So, I contacted with the AtomPark affiliate manager Igor through skype, and he just said now our affiliate manager is Alex. So, talk to him.

So, I contacted with him.

And he started to ask about traffic sources that where I'm getting traffic to my affiliate links. First I was shocked to see that those guys are running some kind of "CPA network" or selling digital products? Anyway, as I wanted to go fair I gave him examples of the sources where I was promoting their products such as Video links, paid threads on renowned markeing forums etc.. And they kept on saying you're not getting enough traffic from that sources.

So, I told him just contact with the Avangate support team and ask them to provide you all the traffic logs. I also gave him example of some other authority sites that are promoting their products, and you know what he said? He said they're all receiving 1% commission. I also told if someone make you sale of $300, then he'll get $3 in reward.

He said "YES". I was shocked to see what type of hurtless people they are. He was reacting like he has no respect for the guys that are linked with them in the sense of affiliates as well as customers too.

Long story short, in the end he said "NO".

Now all of my doubts has been cleared that this company is drowning which I heard from other fellow guys. And that's the reason they started to rip off other people hard earned money.

I'd also like to request everyone here, Never ever trust this company. It might be possibility that they work with you for some days/months.

But afer using all of your energy and efforts they wouldn't take a second and kick you out like thy did with me. My years of efforts has gone in a second that I've spent on promoting their products.

Update by user Jan 21, 2016

Please remove this report. As, all of the issues has been sorted out with this company.

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2016

Those guys behind (AtomPark) were legit in the past, but now they become scammers and started to rip off customers as well as affiliates. I was promoting their products from the last few years and already delivered them a lot of customers through sales.

So, after consuming a lot efforts/energy and time of their loyal affiliate marketers that they spent on promotion of their products through video marketing, guest posting, forums, blog post reviews and many more.. They silently change the commission percentage to 1% for all of the affiliates, which was before 30%. Let me do the math for you, if you'd generate them a sale of $300, then you'll get only $3 commission out of it.

You can also confirm it from their company pages, it is still 30% mentioned over there, which is just a BLATANT lie.

The screenshot from Avangate (a payment processor) affiliate program panel is attached.

Another thing that came to my knowledge, this company "Mass Mail Software/ Email-Massivo aka AtomPark" is drowning and getting out of business. So, they're using these type of techniques to rip off as much as possible.

At the end, I'd suggest everyone not to go for their products. Because it could be possibility that it'll work for you for the next few days or months. But at the end you'll have only dead product in your hands without any update or customer support.

P.S. The guys behind Avangate are honest and know their business. I'm extremely happy with their service. It is a payment processor solution.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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